Bread bag tutorial

This is more an inspiration than a decent tutorial. I’m not a good teacher or rule follower. I need a bag for the bread I have been baking. My plastic box technique did not work.

I found a few ideas on the web and have narrowed my decision down to using some old vintage rose napkins. I know, cutting them is tragic but they have been laying useless in my vintage linen drawer for a while. I only have three and they don’t match. I don’t need anymore throw pillows so this is what they will be sacrificed for.


Oh I just couldn’t do it to the two matching ones. they are just so pretty. I will save them for another project. I settled for this one and some coordinating fabric craft that I have plenty of. As you will see later, I chucked the red bandana print I just didn’t need it.


I made a couple chops, I’m never one to follow patterns. I’m hoping this tutorial just gives you a few ideas.


The napkin isn’t wide enough so I need to add a bottom panel.


Right sides together


Run a stitch on both sides


Making a tube


Cut a square about the size of a piece of toast……….or if you are really brilliant, cut a bread shaped piece of cloth


Sew it into one end of the tube


Whoa that’s too big, I over estimated. Am i making bread loafs for giants? geesh!
I made some adjustments


I folded the strip I made to lengthen the bag


Sew on some pretty binding

Bread bag


Tie with ribbon or a very thin piece of red rick rack like I did. The possibilities are as endless as your craft bins.

Remember, your goal is to fit the bread and not fall apart in the washer. It’s not a fashion show, it’s about keeping bread fresh


I am an urban homesteader

I am an urban homesteader. I grew up in a city but we happened to live on a bigger chunk of property than most of our neighbors. My father was raised in Central Kentucky and he often had vegetables growing in our backyard. We had room for planting. We had woods, and a creek and even a clay “mountain”. We also have the Ohio river and just a five minute ride south, we could find ourselves in the “country”.

I am living in the same city I grew up in. Out of my kitchen window I can see the Cincinnati skyline, the Reds stadium and the tall skyscrapers of business and technology.

So I find myself, in midlife figuring out what’s really important, learning that God already made everything I need, I just need to know how to put it all together.

Simplicity and wholesomeness is the best way. When I need things or use things,I wonder about the God intended purpose for it. I need, bread, God made wheat. Better still, God sent Jesus to be the bread of life. I need vitamins and minerals, God made fruits and vegetables. It is that simple.

My little urban garden is turning out quite well. It’s the best therapy for stress.


My pole bean project is looking good

My seedlings are still inside waiting until it is safe enough to go out to the garden. I have marigolds in the egg cartons. I will plant them throughout the garden to keep pests away.



My strawberries and beans are doing well in their newspaper pots. The strawberries came in the mail today from they are a bit jet lagged. They will get better with TLC
Above link is the tutorial I used


Bean pots


Organic food doesn’t last very long

And that is a mighty fine thing! Organic food 101, it doesn’t last long because it isn’t full of preservatives. That is fine by me but what to do if I can’t use it all?

Baby food of course…

So my carrots were getting a little limpy. They weren’t bad by any means but just not crisp enough for salad.


I chopped them up pretty good and cleaned them up.


Plop them in a pan and boil until tender, strain


Place them in a blender, food processor or my favorite, a Ninja and purée. Depending on the age of the child, my granddaughter Eleanor is 6 months so I added a little pure filter water to make it less thick.


She is just precious, runny nose and all.


Jar up


No preservatives, nothing but yummy goodness

Banana Pecan French Toast

Tonight my wonderful husband is deep in baseball. It is fantasy baseball draft night. I won’t see him till at least bed time. So after walking the dog, I needed to throw something together for dinner. I remembered my foodie pen pal sent some delicious maple syrup from Buffalo NY. I decided that I would put my homemade bread to work


Banana pecan French toast

2 slices of bread
1 egg
1/2 cup of milk
Splash of vanilla and cinnamon
1 banana sliced
Pecan pieces, about a table spoon or so
1 tbs of sugar
Powdered sugar and or maple syrup for topping

In a shallow bowl, mix together the egg, milk, vanilla and cinnamon

Place one piece of bread in the mixture, soak it up a little, flip and place in oil sprayed or non stick skillet. Repeat with the other slice.

While this is cooking, in a small skillet, place a tbsp of butter, the sliced bananas, pecans and regular sugar. Cook on med heat until bananas soften and sugar dissolves. You can add the maple syrup directly to the syrup here if you want or just drizzle it on later. Don’t forget to flip your toast

After the bread has turned golden brown, plate. Top with banana pecan syrup and powdered sugar if desired.






There are several foods that can be regrown from the parts you don’t use.

For example


Onions and garlic are easily regrown. It looks yucky right now but the pieces are reestablishing themselves as a growing thing. Onions live to regrow, just leave a bunch in your pantry too long… They will show you just how much they like to regrow.

I have placed the scrap, the rooted ends of green onions in a dish to strengthen roots. I keep the saucer wet. place the rooted ends in the water. In a few weeks, these will be placed outside in the garden. They will regrow.

Amazing how perfect our world was created don’t you think?

1 week old

I added an onion 🙂

I also like to grow rosemary on my windowsill. It’s always ready for a snip


Apple cider vinegar

Apple Cider Vinegar has a lot of health benefits. People have been drinking it for years.

Here are several sites for reference health

So, now that you know why it’s good to have it around as a staple in your home, I will show you how to make it. It’s very simple. Raw unfiltered ACV is very different from the stuff in the grocery store isle. It has been processed and all the good stuff is taken out.

First make a yummy apple pie or a big pot of applesauce. You need apple scraps, not the whole apple. Scraps means everything including the core, peeks and seeds. The waste is what makes ACV healthy.

Depending on the amount of apple scraps that you have, will depend on how much sugar and water you will need. I made this small batch using the scraps if three organic apples.

1. In a large bowl, add apple scraps and about 1/4 cup of organic sugar


2. Add water to the bowl. I used about 5 cups. Slosh it around to dissolve the


3. Using a saucer that fits inside the bowl, place it in the bowl to weigh down the scraps.


4. Cover bowl with kitchen towel to keep dust out. Place in dark place. ACV doesn’t like sunlight

Leave alone for a few days until icky stuff starts to form along the brim of the plate. It’s kind of black, moldy looking.. This is not only okay, it’s expected and very important.

Sorry, I don’t have a picture of the ick. Other ACV makers may have pics on their sites.

After a week, scoop the icky stuff off with a spoon and remove saucer.

Using a slotted spoon or large hole colander, strain but just enough to remove the pieces of apple scrap. Discard scrap. I dump mine in the compost pile, haven’t had a problem with it.

Pour into large mason jar


Cover lid with cheesecloth or coffee filter like I did 🙂


After a while the mother will begin to establish. This mother is only 2 weeks old. It will have to stew for a while in a cool dry dark place in the pantry, about 6 weeks at least. I put mine up on the top shelf. In a few months in will share what my mother looks like.


It’s that simple!

Here it is 3 weeks later. You can see the mother really starting to form



Container Blueberries

I am going to try growing blueberries in a container. I have a 5 gallon pickle bucket that was washed clean. I drilled holes on the bottom and sides. I have two plants so that thy will produce berries. I have been told that one won’t berry.

I first put a layer of composting the bucket. Then I added about a half cup of Epsom salt because blueberries like acidic soil. I added more soil and then that’s when I had to go and do something weird.

Blueberries like full sun, which in my backyard they will have. We take a lot of weekend trips and I am worried about my plant getting enough water so I devised this genius plan (will report later if it is really genius). I took an empty 20 oz soft drink bottle, washed and de-labeled. I drilled a small hole on the side near the bottom. I buried the bottle and filled it with water. My assumption is that the bottle will slowly release water when I’m not able to do so.

They look sad now but I think they will like their new nutritious i am home,e. plus I am keeping them in the basement until it gets war, enough to move outside



Keeping the cap on slows the water release. Once I move them outside, they will get a healthy dose of mulch as well.

One month old


They are getting leaves 🙂