Container Blueberries

I am going to try growing blueberries in a container. I have a 5 gallon pickle bucket that was washed clean. I drilled holes on the bottom and sides. I have two plants so that thy will produce berries. I have been told that one won’t berry.

I first put a layer of composting the bucket. Then I added about a half cup of Epsom salt because blueberries like acidic soil. I added more soil and then that’s when I had to go and do something weird.

Blueberries like full sun, which in my backyard they will have. We take a lot of weekend trips and I am worried about my plant getting enough water so I devised this genius plan (will report later if it is really genius). I took an empty 20 oz soft drink bottle, washed and de-labeled. I drilled a small hole on the side near the bottom. I buried the bottle and filled it with water. My assumption is that the bottle will slowly release water when I’m not able to do so.

They look sad now but I think they will like their new nutritious i am home,e. plus I am keeping them in the basement until it gets war, enough to move outside



Keeping the cap on slows the water release. Once I move them outside, they will get a healthy dose of mulch as well.

One month old


They are getting leaves 🙂


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