I am an urban homesteader

I am an urban homesteader. I grew up in a city but we happened to live on a bigger chunk of property than most of our neighbors. My father was raised in Central Kentucky and he often had vegetables growing in our backyard. We had room for planting. We had woods, and a creek and even a clay “mountain”. We also have the Ohio river and just a five minute ride south, we could find ourselves in the “country”.

I am living in the same city I grew up in. Out of my kitchen window I can see the Cincinnati skyline, the Reds stadium and the tall skyscrapers of business and technology.

So I find myself, in midlife figuring out what’s really important, learning that God already made everything I need, I just need to know how to put it all together.

Simplicity and wholesomeness is the best way. When I need things or use things,I wonder about the God intended purpose for it. I need, bread, God made wheat. Better still, God sent Jesus to be the bread of life. I need vitamins and minerals, God made fruits and vegetables. It is that simple.

My little urban garden is turning out quite well. It’s the best therapy for stress.


My pole bean project is looking good

My seedlings are still inside waiting until it is safe enough to go out to the garden. I have marigolds in the egg cartons. I will plant them throughout the garden to keep pests away.



My strawberries and beans are doing well in their newspaper pots. The strawberries came in the mail today from starkbros.com they are a bit jet lagged. They will get better with TLC

Above link is the tutorial I used


Bean pots



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