Organic food doesn’t last very long

And that is a mighty fine thing! Organic food 101, it doesn’t last long because it isn’t full of preservatives. That is fine by me but what to do if I can’t use it all?

Baby food of course…

So my carrots were getting a little limpy. They weren’t bad by any means but just not crisp enough for salad.


I chopped them up pretty good and cleaned them up.


Plop them in a pan and boil until tender, strain


Place them in a blender, food processor or my favorite, a Ninja and purée. Depending on the age of the child, my granddaughter Eleanor is 6 months so I added a little pure filter water to make it less thick.


She is just precious, runny nose and all.


Jar up


No preservatives, nothing but yummy goodness


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