Bread bag tutorial

This is more an inspiration than a decent tutorial. I’m not a good teacher or rule follower. I need a bag for the bread I have been baking. My plastic box technique did not work.

I found a few ideas on the web and have narrowed my decision down to using some old vintage rose napkins. I know, cutting them is tragic but they have been laying useless in my vintage linen drawer for a while. I only have three and they don’t match. I don’t need anymore throw pillows so this is what they will be sacrificed for.


Oh I just couldn’t do it to the two matching ones. they are just so pretty. I will save them for another project. I settled for this one and some coordinating fabric craft that I have plenty of. As you will see later, I chucked the red bandana print I just didn’t need it.


I made a couple chops, I’m never one to follow patterns. I’m hoping this tutorial just gives you a few ideas.


The napkin isn’t wide enough so I need to add a bottom panel.


Right sides together


Run a stitch on both sides


Making a tube


Cut a square about the size of a piece of toast……….or if you are really brilliant, cut a bread shaped piece of cloth


Sew it into one end of the tube


Whoa that’s too big, I over estimated. Am i making bread loafs for giants? geesh!
I made some adjustments


I folded the strip I made to lengthen the bag


Sew on some pretty binding

Bread bag


Tie with ribbon or a very thin piece of red rick rack like I did. The possibilities are as endless as your craft bins.

Remember, your goal is to fit the bread and not fall apart in the washer. It’s not a fashion show, it’s about keeping bread fresh


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