Organic fruits and vegetables need a bath too

This is is how I spend my Friday afternoons. After working all day and then going to the grocery I come home and run a nice bath… Too bad it’s not for me.

Just because produce is organic, doesn’t mean it’s clean. In fact, it’s downright dirty. That’s a good thing.

I clean out my sink, stop it up and run cool water. I add about a half to a full cup of vinegar and unload all the goodies to float around.


The vinegar helps keep the produce fresh. I allow it to bathe while I put away all the other groceries. I scoop it all out and allow it to dry.





Natural hair care

Natural hair care is simple and inexpensive. When a lot of words aren’t needed, no need to blab….short blogs are the best anyway.

To cleanse your hair of daily grime and products, use baking soda. The simplest way is to get a 16 or 20 ounce plastic bottle and add a few teaspoons of baking soda. Give it a good shake and voila! Shampoo!

This plus this


Best shampoo you will ever use. It doesn’t lather.. It doesn’t need to so get over it.

If you have dry hair and need a nice conditioning rinse, use apple cider vinegar of course. This stuff is the bitter juice of good health. It does wonders for your hair and scalp.

I only use the organic raw unfiltered ACV. Maybe the grocery store ACV works, I have never tried it. I love Braggs but to put in my hair I go for this less expensive version.


Remember from my other post, my hair is old and damaged from years of harsh chemicals.. Imagine what this could do for already healthy hair!


Smell…….. If you rinse well, you won’t smell like vinegar.

Still dying my hair with henna!

Organic aphid garden pesticide

Garlic oil is an excellent natural pesticide. When the aphids come to feast on your fruits and vegetables, give them some Italian cuisine.. Garlic oil.

Of course it is easy to make and I reused some items that have been looking for purpose. I don’t use harmful chemical in my hair anymore and this spray bottle was a perfect fit. I washed it well with warm dawn soapy water, rinsed and dried.


Don’t forget to rinse out the sprayer too.

I fell for the convenience of some jarred minced garlic.. Yuck. I have used half the jar over the past 12 months that it has been lurking in my fridge so I didn’t need to use the extra wide jar in the picture. I just poured the mineral oil in the garlic jar. It was about the equivalent of 4 minced cloves. There is no perfect science. The more garlicky the more deadly…..


Jar full of garlic and mineral oil. Put the lid on and find a nice sunny place in the window for a few days.


Allow it to steep in the oil in the sun for 2-7 days.

Strain the mess into a mesh, catching the garlic oil in clean jar. When needed, I add 1-2 tablespoons to 13.5 ounces of water in my spray bottle. Shake well. Test on a small area of your plant and check in a day or two to make sure the plant is not damaged. If it is okay, mist the plant with the diluted garlic oil/water. Bugs don’t like it. Even the good ones like lady bugs who eat aphids so check every couple days. A good burst from the water hose the day after spraying the plants helps too.

Planting garlic cloves throughout the garden also helps to deter the pests. Garlic in the garden means no more need for jarred minced garlic.

Planting marigolds around the garden works too.


This image by shows how the garden can be bordered with marigold. I am doing this but it’s too early. They are no bigger than sprouts right now.


Apple cider vinegar can save toenails

Sorry, I know this is a gross subject but I want to share something that worked. About ten years ago I had a toenail decide to get a mind of its own. It started growing weird, thick and kinda freaky. I’m not sure what this condition is called but my mother had it.

I went to the foot doctor and was told that I had to get it removed. My doctor gave no other option. He said there was no fix for my funky digit. Maybe I dropped something on it, maybe it was hereditary, it had to come off. So, being the good obedient patient that I am, I fled and never returned to that doctor. It got worse and sporting sandals was getting tricky. I just used polish over the mess, like trying to hide a zit with war paint.

It plateaued at less than tolerable about 4 years ago. At one point I thought it was going to fall off naturally.

That’s when I met apple cider vinegar. I watched a friend of mine at work get rid of a life long wart on her wrist in just a week using ACV so I gave it a shot. I put some organic Bragg ACV in a small spray bottle. I placed it near an area I often frequented. I sprayed my toes a few times weekly.

I am happy to present a blurry, so as not to freak anyone out, picture of the healed toe.


It looks completely normal!!!

I am beginning to believe that ACV may cure all that ails us.

Orange oil

I love using a few drops of orange oil in baking soda to freshen the house. I put a few drops in a jar with baking soda and sprinkle on the carpet before vacuuming. Then I may leave the jar open in the bathroom for a DIY air freshened.

I don’t like paying the sometimes high price for essential oils. Orange oil is one of the easier ones to make.

Eat a big sweet organic orange. Using a rasp or zester, get some of the peel into a mason jar. Make sure there isn’t any pith or orange flesh on what’s left, chop up and put into the jar. Cover with light olive oil or any other carrier oil of your preference. Place lid tightly on jar and place in sunny window for a few weeks.

Strain off the zest and peel. Enjoy.


When my neighbors lavender blooms, I am going to try to make some lavender oil. Will post results later.

Foodie pen pals

Foodie pen pals is my newfound fun. It brought me the same sense of excitement that I had when my mom signed me up to have a pen pal when I was in the 6th grade. I expected an exciting letter from a girl who I thought would have a fabulous life only to learn that most 12 year olds were as bored and lame as I was.

What makes this fun is that instead of sending and receiving letters, its a food exchange.

Check them out for details

The Lean Green Bean

I sent a box of foods from Cincinnati…. Chili, Hussmans, Pappas Easter eggs… And I made rich chocolatey sweet homemade from scratch brownies…. And sent the box to California.

My assigned pal to send food is from California however I was assigned a pal from Buffalo, NY to receive food. It seems complicated but I am just glad I am not the one doing all the assigning. On the 5th of each month, the pals are paired. Food must be mailed by the 15th. At the end of the month, you can reveal your special box of treats. I was very pleased when I received my package, including buffalo wing sauce which my husband was secretly hoping for.

20130318-192235.jpg thank you Lydia!

I shared the cookies with my Cookie Monster granddaughter

She is too cute not to share cookies with. She has a sweet tooth like her granny.

The Lean Green Bean

Buffalo chicken tenders for dinner were delicious


Banana pecan French toast for dinner, topped with the delicious maple syrup