Foodie pen pals

Foodie pen pals is my newfound fun. It brought me the same sense of excitement that I had when my mom signed me up to have a pen pal when I was in the 6th grade. I expected an exciting letter from a girl who I thought would have a fabulous life only to learn that most 12 year olds were as bored and lame as I was.

What makes this fun is that instead of sending and receiving letters, its a food exchange.

Check them out for details

The Lean Green Bean

I sent a box of foods from Cincinnati…. Chili, Hussmans, Pappas Easter eggs… And I made rich chocolatey sweet homemade from scratch brownies…. And sent the box to California.

My assigned pal to send food is from California however I was assigned a pal from Buffalo, NY to receive food. It seems complicated but I am just glad I am not the one doing all the assigning. On the 5th of each month, the pals are paired. Food must be mailed by the 15th. At the end of the month, you can reveal your special box of treats. I was very pleased when I received my package, including buffalo wing sauce which my husband was secretly hoping for.

20130318-192235.jpg thank you Lydia!

I shared the cookies with my Cookie Monster granddaughter

She is too cute not to share cookies with. She has a sweet tooth like her granny.

The Lean Green Bean

Buffalo chicken tenders for dinner were delicious


Banana pecan French toast for dinner, topped with the delicious maple syrup



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