Orange oil

I love using a few drops of orange oil in baking soda to freshen the house. I put a few drops in a jar with baking soda and sprinkle on the carpet before vacuuming. Then I may leave the jar open in the bathroom for a DIY air freshened.

I don’t like paying the sometimes high price for essential oils. Orange oil is one of the easier ones to make.

Eat a big sweet organic orange. Using a rasp or zester, get some of the peel into a mason jar. Make sure there isn’t any pith or orange flesh on what’s left, chop up and put into the jar. Cover with light olive oil or any other carrier oil of your preference. Place lid tightly on jar and place in sunny window for a few weeks.

Strain off the zest and peel. Enjoy.


When my neighbors lavender blooms, I am going to try to make some lavender oil. Will post results later.


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