Apple cider vinegar can save toenails

Sorry, I know this is a gross subject but I want to share something that worked. About ten years ago I had a toenail decide to get a mind of its own. It started growing weird, thick and kinda freaky. I’m not sure what this condition is called but my mother had it.

I went to the foot doctor and was told that I had to get it removed. My doctor gave no other option. He said there was no fix for my funky digit. Maybe I dropped something on it, maybe it was hereditary, it had to come off. So, being the good obedient patient that I am, I fled and never returned to that doctor. It got worse and sporting sandals was getting tricky. I just used polish over the mess, like trying to hide a zit with war paint.

It plateaued at less than tolerable about 4 years ago. At one point I thought it was going to fall off naturally.

That’s when I met apple cider vinegar. I watched a friend of mine at work get rid of a life long wart on her wrist in just a week using ACV so I gave it a shot. I put some organic Bragg ACV in a small spray bottle. I placed it near an area I often frequented. I sprayed my toes a few times weekly.

I am happy to present a blurry, so as not to freak anyone out, picture of the healed toe.


It looks completely normal!!!

I am beginning to believe that ACV may cure all that ails us.


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