Odd snack

Well maybe not too odd…..Thanks to a wonderful blogger I follow, I went out of my zone and tried a new food. For those who know me, this is BS because I will eat just about anything.

Amaryllis shared a radish snack. I couldn’t wait to get my hands on some ruby gems.

I have always wanted to like radishes. They are sassy little orbs of goodness. Alone, I could not really acquire the taste so I sliced them up and slathered salad dressing on them in salads.

Im trying so hard to eat cleaner and determined to enjoy a radish, I gave it a try.


I gobbled up every last one. Delish!

I sliced the tops and bottoms off the radish then cut in half so that the first cut served as a little flat area to keep them from wobbling all over. I put a little organic butter (I didn’t have any French butter, imagine that) on top and a smidge of sea salt.

Thanks amaryllis !


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