Healthy Fasting

Fasting. What a weird word for what It actually is. Fasting sounds like something I would do after going thru a drive-thru and in the car on the way to a meeting. Shoving quick food into my mouth for lunch.

I say we call it slowing, that is what it really is. Slowing down.

Today is the first day I have ever purposely fasted slowed. I have only told my husband so if I fail at it, he will be the only one to know. Well him and all maybe ten people who read my blog.

I could stand to lose a few pounds but that really isn’t my motivation. I have been reading about the healthy benefits of fasting slowing. As an American, we eat too much and too large portions, high fat and high starch. As thankful as I am for my ability to be gluttonous my portions and amount of food could be much smaller.

I am in my mid 40s, I could be healthier. I want to be healthier. I am going to slow down.

Day 1 4:30 pm I have eaten a peach today. Thank you God for being my substance.


This is my kick it to poor health face. I hope my attitude tomorrow is the same.

10:30 pm

I had an apple and peanut butter around 530 tonight. I wasn’t really hungry but I was starting my 5k training tonight. I didn’t think it would be a good idea to run on an empty stomach. It’s almost bedtime. I feel great. I have a feeling tomorrow might be harder. I will continue to stay in prayer. I’m thankful for the Lord who is my strength.


4:15 pm. I’m hungry šŸ˜ž

6 pm, Ezekiel bread and chicken broth.

I’m hungry but I know I am not starving. I know people eat this much everyday. God is good and he will fill me with his strength and spirit.


11 pm! I made it! I have survived on 529 calories over a two day period. I feel good, I am glad I did this. Lots of talking with God.

Cast all your cares upon The Lord for he cares about you. Timothy


I utterly enjoyed eating last Wednesday after two days of calorie restriction. Unfortunately I couldn’t ease back into eating as it was my husbands birthday so we ate rich foods that reeked havoc on me. This week I have no plans that would make that happen again.

I ate normal through the week even having pizza and birthday cake and ice cream.

I ran two days last week and Saturday. I’m running tonight too.

W2 D1
12 pm. Lunch is a peach šŸ™‚
I am not calling this fasting. It is not fasting. It is calorie restriction.

For dinner I ate a banana and PB2. Have you had this awesome stuff? I love the convenience of it, the taste and especially the cut calories. I also had some cashew carrot ginger soup and a piece of Ezekiel bread. More calories than I would have but I had to run last night and I didn’t want to run on an empty stomach and pass out. That would be humiliatingly tragic. I mighht get mistaken for a homeless person in the park we run in.m

Day 2

12 pm. Lunch is a plum, a slice of tomato and a piece of toasted Ezekiel bread.

I snacked on 10 pecan halves after work. šŸ˜¦ I did better sat week.


Easy chicken pot pie

Yes,…another chickens pot pie recipe. They are so good and so fattening but you can indulge on this one because there is only one crust right?

As far as ingredients, a pot pie goes like this…. Dough or a crust, filled with a meat and vegetables.. Don’t overthink it. It’s a pot with a pie in it, full of yummy ingredients. Experiment. As long as you thicken up your meat and vegetables, it will be good. Think gravy. Thick enough to coat a spoon and not too runny to drip off. I once made a chicken pot pie for my friend Kathy and it was too thick. Blah. Too thick isn’t good either.

I lucked out at the grocery this weekend. These bags of Alexia organic frozen vegetables were marked down to 1.00 a bag! Yay me. I bought all five that were left.


So start with some thawed chicken, I used two boneless breasts. Cut, chop, slice, whatever your preference.


I cut into bite sized pieces and sautƩed in the sage infused olive oil packet that came in the vegetables. Use a large skillet.

Once cooked, I added the frozen vegetables and cooked another 5-10 minutes until they were thawed (not sure the exact time because I was on the phone during this step)

Then I did my old country woman trick… Add a quarter cup of flour to this sautĆ©ed mixture and stir until you can’t see the flour anymore and the chicken and vegetables are evenly and thickly coated. Then I added a small container of Pacifica chicken broth (8oz) and then I filled up the broth carton with water and stirred that in. It’s important that you do these steps in order. I’m sure there is a fancy culinary word for this but I just don’t cook fancy.


Let the stewy mixture cook at a low heat while you complete the next step.

I lined a round glass greased casserole dish with one pre made refrigerator crust. I wasnt feeling a Tuesday night overachievement….. no homemade crust tonight. Plus shame on me, it’s not even organic like the rest of my ingredients, the whole dish is ruined!!!!! not….

By now your stewy chicken mixture should have thickened up. I added abut a half cup of frozen corn (organic) to the pan and stirred it all together.

Pour into your casserole dish and gently fold over the edges like its a galette. To please my man, I crushed up some potato chips (organic.. Seriously) and put on top to make up for the missing top crust.

Voila. Hearty Tuesday night dinner