Healthy Fasting

Fasting. What a weird word for what It actually is. Fasting sounds like something I would do after going thru a drive-thru and in the car on the way to a meeting. Shoving quick food into my mouth for lunch.

I say we call it slowing, that is what it really is. Slowing down.

Today is the first day I have ever purposely fasted slowed. I have only told my husband so if I fail at it, he will be the only one to know. Well him and all maybe ten people who read my blog.

I could stand to lose a few pounds but that really isn’t my motivation. I have been reading about the healthy benefits of fasting slowing. As an American, we eat too much and too large portions, high fat and high starch. As thankful as I am for my ability to be gluttonous my portions and amount of food could be much smaller.

I am in my mid 40s, I could be healthier. I want to be healthier. I am going to slow down.

Day 1 4:30 pm I have eaten a peach today. Thank you God for being my substance.


This is my kick it to poor health face. I hope my attitude tomorrow is the same.

10:30 pm

I had an apple and peanut butter around 530 tonight. I wasn’t really hungry but I was starting my 5k training tonight. I didn’t think it would be a good idea to run on an empty stomach. It’s almost bedtime. I feel great. I have a feeling tomorrow might be harder. I will continue to stay in prayer. I’m thankful for the Lord who is my strength.


4:15 pm. I’m hungry 😞

6 pm, Ezekiel bread and chicken broth.

I’m hungry but I know I am not starving. I know people eat this much everyday. God is good and he will fill me with his strength and spirit.


11 pm! I made it! I have survived on 529 calories over a two day period. I feel good, I am glad I did this. Lots of talking with God.

Cast all your cares upon The Lord for he cares about you. Timothy


I utterly enjoyed eating last Wednesday after two days of calorie restriction. Unfortunately I couldn’t ease back into eating as it was my husbands birthday so we ate rich foods that reeked havoc on me. This week I have no plans that would make that happen again.

I ate normal through the week even having pizza and birthday cake and ice cream.

I ran two days last week and Saturday. I’m running tonight too.

W2 D1
12 pm. Lunch is a peach 🙂
I am not calling this fasting. It is not fasting. It is calorie restriction.

For dinner I ate a banana and PB2. Have you had this awesome stuff? I love the convenience of it, the taste and especially the cut calories. I also had some cashew carrot ginger soup and a piece of Ezekiel bread. More calories than I would have but I had to run last night and I didn’t want to run on an empty stomach and pass out. That would be humiliatingly tragic. I mighht get mistaken for a homeless person in the park we run in.m

Day 2

12 pm. Lunch is a plum, a slice of tomato and a piece of toasted Ezekiel bread.

I snacked on 10 pecan halves after work. 😦 I did better sat week.


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