Christmas tree make over


Oh what a sad little tree. It’s 17 years old and has probably seen better days. Its shabby skeletal remains don’t seem very jolly or merry even.

I never had a white tree until I met my husband. We gave my son my large green artificial tree because it was just too big for the living room. The white tree that practically fits in a winter sweater tub is perfect size. I like the white tree, the ornaments are more noticeable. I conformed.. I’m a white tree lover.

The only and very obvious problem with this tree is that it needs some weight. I can see all the way through it to all the lovely wire mess on the floor. I can see out the window through the tree.

So my brain began twisting and churning until this genius idea popped into my head… TOILE! Netting.. Whatever you want to call it. The stuff that properly fluffs a 1980s satin sheen prom dress and a princess wedding gown. And much to my pleasant surprise, it was on sale on Black Friday at Hancock’s for .99 a yard. I got 10 yards.. I could have used 12 but I stretched the 10.

I didn’t do any measuring.. I just eyeballed it, I cut sections that would accordion well. I trimmed as I went up.


I scrunched the length of it. I took some wire and cut a 2-4 inch wire and twisted it around the center. Leave wire to attach it to the tree branch.


Then I brought both ends together, making a poof.


Find the end of the branch where it goes into the tree. Twist onto the branch.



Open up both bunches of accordion and spread out.


Yes yes, I see the problem here.. I need lights on a white cord. That will happen next year. I was too impatient to run to the store to buy new lights, I wanted to get this idea out of my head and into something tangible.. Weird creative people will relate.


Much better. I can’t see out the window at the cat on our porch making fun of our tree.



Much merrier!



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