My husband makes fun of me at Christmas because I make old fashioned potato candy. He won’t even consider trying it. “You can’t make candy from vegetables” he says. I then argue the case that a potato is a starch, a tuber, not a vegetable. I didn’t win and he still hasn’t tried the candy.

Potato candy is fun but I thought about making a new twist. Why not name them after than man who won’t accept that a potato can be turned into a confection.

Regular potato candy… A combination of mashed potato and powdered sugar. TWO ingredients only. How easy is that. Then of course add the peanut butter and powdered sugar mixture… Roll it out, cut it up and voila!


Blah blah

Wouldn’t you rather eat this?


White chocolate covered goodness. It has the potato candy taste but with chocolate and it’s not going to dry out like traditional potato candy will. And aesthetically, well my ‘swaws’ just look better.

To make this candy, you must know the basics if potato candy making.

The first step is making the peanut butter insides. Start with about 3/4 cup of creamy peanut butter and mix powdered sugar one cup at a time. It could be 1-4 cups depending in how much peanut butter you used. Mix powdered sugar in until it’s doughy but not too dry. Form into very small balls. About the size of a standard marble.


Place on wax paper and freeze while you complete the next step.

Start with one small potato, a little smaller than your fist. That’s right 1 small potato. This does not mean a giant for baking size, not a red or yellow but 1 small average russet potato. Do not make the same mistake I did when I first tried these candies and I boiled a whole pot full. Once my good friend stopped laughing, she showed me the proper method.

Peel and boil potato until very soft. Drain and cool slightly. Mash. Add NOTHING….. No salt, pepper or butter. Just mash the potato with a mixer (my mixer is older than me and on the brink of mixer death so I used my ninja blender). Anyway…… Add powdered sugar until you have a dough. This could be anywhere between 1 and 6 cups depending in the size of yuh tater.

Your dough should look like this.


Take a small blob of potato sugar dough and roll out flat.


Place a peanut butter marble into the dough


Form the dough around the peanut and make a bigger ball.



Put back into the freezer.

Meanwhile using a double broiler, melt chocolate. I used white because I had it.

Using a skewer or fondue fork, dip the balls into the chocolate like if they are buckeyes


Place on wax paper and then using a spoon, cover the undipped area






Lovely aren’t they?


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