Itchy doggie dog food

I love my sweet doggie Stella. My husband and I adopted her in 2011. She was at the shelter after being found roaming the streets. She has been a great dog. She loves and protects us like it is her job. She tolerates my grandchildren who are terrified of her because of her size. She is a very good dog.

About 2 years ago, she got itchy. When I say itchy I mean middle of the night, shaking the house itchy. Her skin was red and she was miserable. We took her to the Vet… No fleas but itchy skin enough to take steroids. As soon as her meds were finished, she itched again. I gave her fish oil.. She itched. I gave her benedryl, she itched. I changed her food to high priced food, she itched. I gave her probiotics, she itched and itched and itched and itched and itched.

I decided to make her own food. Now hard could it be? They lick butts, taste isn’t an issue. They don’t need seasoning and it doesn’t have to be aesthetic, they eat their own vomit. This can’t be too hard. Protein plus carbohydrate plus vitamins….

I tried a few different versions… Beef plus rice plus lentils… She liked it but still itched.

Finally, I have come up with a good combination and she hasn’t been itchy. Her skin isn’t irritated and she seems to like it…. ALOT

I am terrible at measuring things, this is more of an instructional a inspiration than recipe. This is what I do.

Roast a whole chicken. I only use organic chicken. No, I don’t buy organic chicken for my butt licking, vomit eating pooch. I buy a whole chicken because I split it with her. I usually pay between $7 and $9 at Kroger for a decent sized whole chicken. Roast chicken. Limit spices, I usually just use a rosemary salt, and pepper.


I let it cool and harvest what I want. I want the breasts and some of the thighs. Then I pick it… Really pick it. I wear gloves because it’s gross.

Pick everything off the bones.. The skin, knuckles, meat…. Everything BUT the bones. Discard them or throw them in your back yard for a raccoon to choke on. I have a vendetta, long story that involved my beloved flock of domestic chickens. Die raccoons, die! I digress.

I have the BEST stock pot. A few years ago I was on my way to my dads house in Lincoln County, Kentucky. Along the way I stopped at an antique/junk barn. I bought this beautiful vintage yellow/brown enamel stock pot for $12 !!!!!!!!


I fill the stock pot about half full of water. I add the picked chicken mess. It is not for the faint hearted, it is a sloppy gross mess. Stella watches and licks her butt lips.

To that I add a bag of rice.


Add a bag of lentils


Coarsely chop a sweet potato or carrots. I used a sweet potato and I don’t peel it.. Just scrub it clean and chop. Remember… Vomit eaters aren’t too picky and there are good nutrients in the skin.


Allow it to cook on low for about 40 minutes, until rice and lentils are tender and moisture is absorbed.

This is how I made her food until I may have found the magic ingredient….Mr. Jack Mackerel. Yep, cheap regular jack mack. $2.59 a can.


After it has cooked, I add two cans, juice and all. I usually open a can pour in the mackerel juice and with a butter knife, cut up the pieces of fish.



It’s not pretty, it’s dog food.

Then I jar and freeze. I used to use pint mason jars… If you leave a space up top, the jar wont crack or break, usually.

20140223-192232.jpg I know, the lid isn’t in tight in this photo, make sure the lids are tight before you out them in the freezer. I take in out the night before so it’s thawed by morning.

I am using something a little better now, a good plastic jar. For over a year, my husband ate peaches at lunch, they came in these jars. I saved or recycled them. They work better. No fear of breaking glass. Bigger portion too.. My dog weighs almost 70 lbs.


I think the mackerel is an oiler fish. It seems to be the added something that helps her skin.