Thread crochet earrings inspiration


It is such a cold winter.. I have been a crocheting maniac.

I am much better at inspiring people than instructing them. I made these crochet earrings with pink variegated crochet thread and a small hook and store bought earring do dads.

Make a magic circle, crochet 9 Hdc in the round, chain three, triple crochet two in each round (18). Chain three, scallop the next round in threes.

Leave a long tail.


Soak earrings in a sugar starch mixture, two parts sugar plus one part water. Lay earrings and long tail out on wax paper and allow to dry. It will be stiff.

Put the long tail through the hole of the claw style earrings.. Is securely, cut excess.


Seriously.. How cute.

I have made pink hearts, white circles, flowers and black circles. M


Chocolate zucchini bread


I have been eating healthy. It started with my personal Paleo challenge. I try to eat whole healthy foods. I am grateful we have a toaster oven at work. My lunches have been delicious and so much more appealing and tastier than those poisonous frozen poor excuses for a meal trendy lunches… Yeah I have an issue with microwave meals. I’m not a passive aggressive person, typically I am just aggressive, or abrasive as I have recently been called but roasting brussels sprouts reeks and passively annoys people. It’s like getting the benefit of abrasive ness without all the friction. Aroma harassment.

Anyway, I like treats and if I can’t reach for something healthy, I bound to find my way into a coffee shop or a
Servati and eat delicious badness. This recipe is NOT Paleo but I am sure that it could be tweaked. I just know it’s better than a cookie full of preservatives and other crap.

Thanks to the amazing recipe here, I have found a treat better than brownies. I give this an A+

I can never seem to just make a recipe “as is”. I used a little less than a half cup of sugar and added about a tablespoon of molasses. It makes me feel better about all that sugar. And…. I sliced the zucchini length wise, baked them till mushy and then spooned out the flesh. That is how I added the zucchini.. I didn’t grate it. Mostly because I don’t follow directions well.






The whipped cream was unnecessary, eaten all by itself is divine. Eaten on my grandmothers strawberry dishes makes it taste even better.