Chocolate zucchini bread


I have been eating healthy. It started with my personal Paleo challenge. I try to eat whole healthy foods. I am grateful we have a toaster oven at work. My lunches have been delicious and so much more appealing and tastier than those poisonous frozen poor excuses for a meal trendy lunches… Yeah I have an issue with microwave meals. I’m not a passive aggressive person, typically I am just aggressive, or abrasive as I have recently been called but roasting brussels sprouts reeks and passively annoys people. It’s like getting the benefit of abrasive ness without all the friction. Aroma harassment.

Anyway, I like treats and if I can’t reach for something healthy, I bound to find my way into a coffee shop or a
Servati and eat delicious badness. This recipe is NOT Paleo but I am sure that it could be tweaked. I just know it’s better than a cookie full of preservatives and other crap.

Thanks to the amazing recipe here, I have found a treat better than brownies. I give this an A+

I can never seem to just make a recipe “as is”. I used a little less than a half cup of sugar and added about a tablespoon of molasses. It makes me feel better about all that sugar. And…. I sliced the zucchini length wise, baked them till mushy and then spooned out the flesh. That is how I added the zucchini.. I didn’t grate it. Mostly because I don’t follow directions well.






The whipped cream was unnecessary, eaten all by itself is divine. Eaten on my grandmothers strawberry dishes makes it taste even better.


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