Chayote.  Chywhat?

Chayote.  It’s weird. It’s ugly. 

Mostly it’s misunderstood.  

Some say it’s a squash, some say it’s a fruit and some say it’s a vegetable.  And…..even others say it is a gourd. 

It’s sort of like a cucumber meets apple.  It’s not all sloppy and mushy like eggplants or zucchini when cooked. 

According to internet sources, and we all know they never lie, it’s quite the nutritious little thing. It is loaded with potassium. added plus

There is a rumor that McDonald’s used these in their apple pies because they were cheaper.  I don’t really care if they did.  I am just happy they fit into my low carb way of eating. 

First to prepare any chayote dish, peel like a potato

  A serving is one diced cup.  25 calories, 6 total carbs, 2.2 fiber 
3.8 net carbs per diced cup

You can do anything with them, make them sweet or make them savory. 

This is how I made chayote that taste like fried apples 

Take your peeled chayote 

 Most are about as long as a stick of butter.  Eating low carb makes butter my friend.  Hello there beautiful friend.  ❤️

Cut it in half  

There is a seed in there.  Scoop it or cut it out. 

I used a serrated grapefruit spoon. 

Dice this bad boy 

Put some of that beautiful butter in a heavy sauce pan 

Add your ugly weird gourd

Cook in the butter until tender. 

Add this

Whilst the tendering is occurring. …..

Whip some heavy cream and sf vanilla syrup

Cinnamon apples.     No wait, it’s chayote.  Add a smidge of sweetener. Sf brown sweetener may be a good bet here. I also added a capful of sf salted Carmel to this and oh my.   

  I have no words. 

Sweet or savory, you can do just about anything with them because they take on the flavor a you add. 

Tomorrow I am going to boil until tender, fry in a skillet and add herbs and garlic for a side dish