It is Happening!

It’s the first day of spring!

This year I am planting vegetables and attempting to be 50 % produce independent. At least a third of our weekly grocery bill is produce. I am planting lettuce, tomatoes, peppers, beans, and strawberries. I am taking a stab at regrowing onions but we will talk about that at a later date. I’m skeptical about that venture.

If this works, I will only need to buy mushrooms, apples, bananas, celery and carrots. If my garden is successful, I plan on growing carrots next year.

I have had a knack at flower gardening but I had shade and lots of it. The soil was clay and rocky. Not only when I remarried did I get a great husband, the dirt is divinely rich and the sun shines all afternoon on it.

I have started my seeds inside.


This is a 72 pod container from Burpee. I found it at Target for about 10 bucks.

And…..It’s happening! I spy a little lettuce sprout peeking through.


I have had to move the mini greenhouse upstairs because although the calendar says spring, it’s freezing here and about to snow. Too chili in the basement for the little sprouts.



I am growing heirloom tomatoes. A dear friend passed some of her mothers seeds to me. I’m very excited about that.

I’m ordering my strawberry plants from Starks. Will post about that later.

The Lean Green Bean


The beans were not happy.. They started to grow a little mold. I have cleaned those out, as to not affect the other seedlings. The beams are going to have their own pots, made from newspaper.

Garden update… April, 24, 2013




Happy Strawberries


Pole beans peeking thru


I have cutworms! Ack! I’m so sad. I found them when digging around 😩


These nasty little worms sheared off three bean plants.


I am determined to do this organic. I am starting to save orange peels as I have read that they do t like it and will just go to another kart of the yard and start eating those plants. Like grass. We have that problem too.

S I read about using collars to keep them from eating the young plants. Not sure how this works, I
Would thing that they would be resourceful and just climb in and around this but I am giving it a shot.

First I dug through my recycling bin and found what I thought would be useful. Mullers yogurt… Mmm


I’m lazy, I left the label on. I cut the bottom off.



I dug a hole where one of the bean plants had been, placed the “collar” in the hole, filled it halfway with dirt and dropped the beans in.


I covered up the collar but not too much, I want there to be a barrier. For the surviving three plants, I made collars from empty bottles and secured them as deeply as I could. Hopefully this will keep the creepy fat worms from eating my plants.


late May update







We had our first red strawberry last night. They are growing beautifully. The collars are working as I haven’t seen any more damage on the beans. The tomatoes are struggling but I think that might because we have had a mild cool spring. The blueberries are growing but I don’t expect berries until next year. Lettuce is happy, again because of cool temps.

Happy urban homesteading !



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