I am very new to blogging. Just enjoying life and yapping about stuff I like. I am an urban homesteader. I like to be as self sufficient as possible. I try to eat healthy and avoid as much processed food as possible. I still eat it now and then but I am trying to cut out as much as possible.

I am an urban homesteader. I am a former egg farmer. I live in the city now and cannot have hens. I can have guns and pit bulls but no hens.. Go figure. I wish our forefathers who wrote our constitution knew that our right to livestock would one day be gone. It seems silly that I can have a herd of large dogs but not two small hens. Anyway…. I’m off on a tangent which is typical, one day soon I may challenge the urban chicken ban. For now, I will stick to fresh vegetables and herbs in my little garden.


I have a great husband


He is one handsome fella


I have awesome kids


And grandkids




Oh but wait…. We are are fairly normal after all


I love these people!



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