Not a fun crafty subject but…. Transgender bathroom arguments are making me nuts. 

It’s tough being a sex offender these days. It’s getting harder to find unattended children in Walmart, lone female joggers in a dark park and open apartment doors in the city. People have become more aware and protect themselves a little better than ten or twenty years ago. We have educated children and young women to be cautious and brave enough to report it. Kids in Walmart have phones to call 911. Female joggers carry mace or pack heat. Sex offenders are having to get creative. Not anymore. Thanks to this new opportunity that has been dropped into their laps. Literally…..

Just lay in wait. Lay in wait. I have worked with SOs for many years and I know that where there is opportunity, there they will be. This bathroom access has made their planning so much easier. I am not afraid of a transgender using the stall next to me or my granddaughters. I am afraid of the SO who now has open access to a place where women and children can be cornered with the lock of a door. With one switch, it is lights out and the SO can have darkness in a windowless room, making it harder for the victim to identify the offender. Sex offenders across the nation rejoice! Your day has come.
This issue is not about transgender equality.  The lunatics have taken over the asylum. 

Go ahead, hurl your insults, don’t care

I know the truth.